International IM Soccer Club was founded in the Spring of 2000 by Coach Juan Sanchez Villarreal and a group of girls who wanted to learn the beautiful game of soccer, all of this in the area of San Jose California. In year 2005 Manoj Prasad (Parent) put a group of kids together in the area of Union City California where are still coaching. Two years later we opened one more group in Fremont California which became the center of our operations.


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International IM Soccer Club is a family oriented group and was created by the parents to fulfill parent’s needs such as parents with limited flexibility to accommodate weekday evening sessions.

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Juan Sanchez Villarreal has been coaching kids for the past 19 years, in the age groups of 3-14 years boys and girls from beginners to semi-pro soccer players. Coach Juan himself has played professional soccer in the Mexican League. Coach Juan’s particular strengths are his passion, temperament, patience and ability to tailor his coaching for each kid to help them develop their skills and bring out their best abilities.

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