Vought, Emily M. Welles, David T. White, Joseph T. Lamar Spencer was a student at Jackson State University when he was shot to death in 1996. His murder has not yet been solved.(Photo: Joe Ellis/The Clarion Ledger)A small group gathered at the Capitol on Thursday to urge members of the Mississippi Senate to vote against a bill that would allow churches to designate certain members to carry concealed guns in church. Later that afternoon, a Senate committee passed the bill, sending it to the full Senate for a vote..

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cheap jordans for sale (See the full list of Colorado B Corps below.)”Colorado is a place where companies embrace the notion that their purpose in business is not only to generate private wealth but also to create higher quality jobs for Colorado citizens cheap jordans, to strengthen our communities and to protect the environment cheap jordans cheap jordans cheap jordans0,” said B Lab Colorado Director Kim Coupounas. “Our mountain peaks and blue skies call us to something higher, to build enterprises with purpose that reflect our noblest ambitions for this place we call home.””These are leaders who are thinking deeply about how they can make a positive impact in our state and the world,” said Colorado B Local Board co chair, Kimberly Kosmenko of Kosmenko Co. “They embraced impact to the core of their business strategy.””Colorado B Corps are together in community and as individual businesses laying the foundation of the emerging economy where profit and purpose are interdependent, not mutually exclusive,” said Brian Lichtenheld cheap jordans, B Local Board co chair of Help2Heal.The B Corp community will be celebrating its 100th B Corp, its 10th year of impact in the state, and the launch of the B Local Colorado Board at a celebratory event on November 9th at Impact Hub in Boulder.The B Corps that certified in 2017 and enabled the community to cross the 100 B Corps mark are Pause i/O, BSW Wealth Partners LLC, Wash Park Capital, Global Works, Scream Agency, Chopwood LLC, Conservation Investment Management LLC cheap jordans, Organic Bliss Inc., Rachio cheap jordans, Where There Be Dragons, CSMLearn, Synthesis Life Insurance, UpDIG, White Elm, Ecosystems Group Inc., Public News Service, Guild Education, Apostrophe Inc., Lyda Law Firm, and Vermilion Inc.The global trend of businesses channeling innovation and talent to help address our planet most pressing social and environmental challenges is one of the most important trends of our time. cheap jordans for sale

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cheap air jordans Gov. Roy Cooper recently signed a proclamation commending the men and women serving as magistrates in the state, saying they are gateway to the North Carolina judicial system and are vital to the protection of individual rights and the proper administration of justice. He proclaimed this week as North Carolina Magistrate Week cheap air jordans.

“They embraced impact to the core of their business strategy

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